About Us

Phillip studied horticulture in North Carolina and graduated with an A.S. in 2002.  He worked for a few different companies as well as operating under his own company in NC called Beulah Landscaping through his first 8 years after college.  After relocating to Illinois in 2016, he started Wine's Landscape Company (due to the fact that few people knew how to spell "Beulah" lol)  Phillip continues his love for design and making wonderful, beautiful landscapes simply because he love seeing things grow and change and become better.  He also loves the whole construction process of making something better, regardless if that is on the home or in the landscape.

The landscape is our favorite room (except winter).  In what other "room" can you enjoy a sunset, smell the roses, drink a cup of coffee as the breeze blows through your hair, and be refreshed by the beauty God made when he made the plants and the outdoors.  We enjoy making this possible in your own yard or business!  We work with the softness of plants and the stability of stone and concrete to make all this possible right in your yard or office.  

And the interior is the place you go and can be comfortable anytime of the year.  That is why it is important to have this space as you want it. So as things wear out, get old, or become not suitable for your space, we can come in and make the ideal area in regards to design and construction of your space.